Chapter 1

Joy Ravenhurst accepts the quest to become something far greater than what she once was, Knighthood within an ancient order of protectors.
Jan 01, 2016Knighthood 1

Chapter 2

Joy meets the first of her teachers, but also the first of her enemies. The training from the Light Clan comes with a hands on demonstration of what she is truly up against.
Jan 09, 2016Knighthood 9

Chapter 3

Her first leg of the training complete, and with a new travel companion, Joy prepares to ship out to train in the explosive arenas of the Fire Clan.
Feb 02, 2016Knighthood 33

Chapter 4

Joy returns home, not realizing that her path would lead her back so soon. But before she can really understand the workings of the Love Clan, the world demand Joy and the Knight's attention.
Feb 25, 2016Knighthood 56

Chapter 5

Joy's first mission begins! While she is still in training, Joy faces off against dangerous foes, finally putting her practice to work.
Mar 11, 2016Knighthood 71

Chapter 6

Injured, Joy again returns to the home of the Love Clan to resume and complete her training. But she will not be able to simply succeed through brute force, Love requires far more than that!
Dec 07, 2019Knighthood 90
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